Welcome to the Fire Fighters Association of Petrolia

The objectives of the Association is to:

  • establish harmony of action in the cultivation of benevolent fellowship
  • ensure fire protection for all citizen
  • raise awareness of fire safety
  • raise funds for the betterment of the Fire Department
  • and promote the best interest of the fire service for our Community

All members of the Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Department and their spouses are automatic members in the Association. The Association raises money for the Fire Department through community activities and donations. Our Current fundraising goal is to raise $60,000 by year 2011 to assist with the purchase of a new rescue truck.

Thank you for your continued support.

- Visit our website regularly for upcoming dates for events -

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

Firefighters Asscociation of Petrolia
370 Center Street box 1957
Petrolia , Ontario
N0N 1R0
519 882 2020